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A hard-working solution, connecting employers and employees.

We’re a professional services company for greater Fort Worth.

How can we help?

Need to find the right workers for your job?

Filling your workforce needs is tough. We get it. Finding reliable people who want to do the work you offer is a problem we hear about over and over again in our industry.

That’s why we created UpSpire.

A Hard-Working Solution for Business, People, and Community.

We’re a trustworthy agency that connects qualified men and women with essential jobs. The core services we offer are staffing, litter abatement, janitorial, and landscaping work. Our employees and candidates aren’t afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty. They proudly roll up their sleeves and get to work for you doing the vital jobs that make our communities function beautifully.

By developing close working relationships with our workforce and our clients, we’re able to provide each customer we work with exceptional customer service. We dig in and discover just what you need to make your contract a success.


We're local

Businesses, municipalities, and community partners—all right here in Tarrant County—trust us to fill the jobs with the right solution.

Our goals are far-reaching

Our staff enjoys full-time employment with benefits, fair wages, and sustainable lifestyles. In return, you receive a committed, motivated, and high-value workforce.

And we’ve got heart

Clients work with us because of our highly personalized service. We tailor each contract to fit the job, looking for ways to train and equip our staff for success.

Want to find out more about how we work?

Driven by human understanding.

Founded by Presbyterian Night Shelter in 2020, UpSpire is driven by human understanding. Knowing the contributing factors to job and housing insecurity, we created a hardworking employment program based on respect, empowerment, and stability. When we all work together, everyone in our community wins.

What we can do for your business

HR Services

Our employees are screened and background checked before you meet them.

Personalized Onboarding/Training

We create unique onboarding and new employee training for each customer for free. Every employee undergoes specialized training before their first day.

Staff Management

Depending on the job or contract, we can help manage day-to-day operations for you including conflict management, team-building events, and more.

Our people make a difference.
Our work speaks for itself.

When we put UpSpire employees on a job, expect big results.


Ever since the City of Fort Worth Code Compliance contracted with us in 2018, there’s been a 264% increase in citywide miles cleaned.


UpSpire employees average cleaning 1200 miles/month compared to the 94 miles on average that were abated before us.


While our core services include staffing, commercial landscaping, litter removal, and janitorial services, we continually expand our offerings to meet your needs.

Let’s talk today to see how we can help you.

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WM and UpSpire

Learn how we partner with successful brands.

UpSpire and WM’s unique partnership roll out solutions to help everyone involved.

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