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Our Story

Driven by human understanding.

Founded by Presbyterian Night Shelter 2016, UpSpire is driven by human understanding. Knowing the contributing factors to job and housing insecurity, we created a hardworking employment program based on respect, empowerment, and stability.

Our people make a difference. Our work speaks for itself.

UpSpire screens, trains, and supports a professional workforce designed to build a successful and inclusive community. We bring a proven model for reliability and exceptional customer service to every job while giving people who face barriers to employment a choice, a voice, and a pathway.

UpSpire solutions are local: we develop close working relationships with businesses, municipalities, community partners, and employees.

UpSpire’s goals are far-reaching: we provide regular employment, fair wages, and sustainable lifestyles for our people, in return for a committed, motivated, and high-value workforce for our customers. Our core services include staffing, commercial landscaping, litter removal, and janitorial services, and we continue to expand to meet our customers’ needs and priorities.

When people are allowed to write their own success stories, everyone wins.


Our Story

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Our Founding Philosophy

UpSpire was founded on the belief that just as everyone deserves a home, everyone deserves the opportunity to experience supportive employment and contribute through work.

Our Mission

Create employment opportunities that reduce or remove barriers that contribute to homelessness.

Inspiring Others

Our leadership serves clients and staff in a way that inspires growth and drives success.

Our Impact

We will create unique onboarding and new employee training for each customer for free. All employees placed at their location will undergo the training before their first day.

Let’s talk today about how we go to work for you.