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Case Studies

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Case Study

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Hear how a partnership between WM and UpSpire transformed Michael’s life from living on the streets to joining a workforce that’s helping keep our community beautifully clean.

Waste Management Truck Driver | UpSpire

Driver Shortages

WM is constantly recruiting drivers and technicians to keep their trash and recycling operations rolling smoothly. The problem? The landscape for this workforce is highly competitive. Finding reliable workers to fill their open positions and retain consistency in their crews is an ongoing issue.

A Clean-Cut Solution

WM chose to utilize UpSpire’s staffing services because of our unique access to a workforce that’s readily available and wants to do the work. In addition, WM recognized UpSpire’s infrastructure, training, and wrap-around services would fully support potential employees in a way that ensured each position would not just be temporarily filled but stay that way for the long haul.


  • Our “stick rate” is 300% higher than the next-closest staffing agency, nationwide. 
  • We had the first successful IEP driving graduate of any national Waste Management.

Case Study

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Case Studies

Talkin’ Trash

The City of Fort Worth was facing a significant problem with litter abatement. With 362 million pieces of litter accumulated on Texas roadways every year, the booming metropolis of Fort Worth was no exception. To keep Fort Worth roadways clean and safe, the city looked for contractors to help with litter removal in a dependable and consistent manner.

Tons of Trash Tackled

The city’s Code Compliance department contracted with UpSpire in 2018 and since then, there has been a 264% increase in the number of citywide miles cleaned. The UpSpire employees clean 342 miles per month on average, which is a significant improvement compared to the 94 miles that were cleaned on average before the contract was signed. This illustrates the impact that UpSpire has had on addressing the litter abatement problem in Fort Worth.

1,200 curb miles are cleaned of trash per month.

That’s the distance from Fort Worth to Las Vegas.

75 tons of trash removed per month.

That’s equivalent to more than 16 adult elephants (based on an average weight of 4.5 per ton).

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